Rates for our services.

          We offer boarding, grooming and daycare services in our newly renovated barn. There is a nice waiting area with refreshments and wifi if you'd like to wait while your dog is being groomed.
          When your dog is being cared for they will be out in the large fenced in area where we keep our garden and machine shop. We like to treat your dog like one of our own by letting him/her follow us around the property, on a leash is outside the fence, as we do chores and take long sunset walks.


  • 1 - 3 Nights   $24

  • 4 - 6 Nights   $22

  • 7   +  Nights   $20

  • 2nd Dog, if boarded with 1st is $15 per night


  • Billed every 20 min at a rate of         $15.

    Time will vary depending on size and condition of the coat. We can give you a quote at the time of the appointment and will be happy to work with you.


  • 7:00am  - 6:30pm.    $15

Please Call in Advance


Business Hours


Currently we have not set hours but are available most days.


Please Call For an Appointment.

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