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Ole, Our Old English Sheepdog

                 When I first met my husband, I knew it was going to be a package deal. Sprocket was an Old English Sheepdog (OES for short) and my first real pet. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with both of them. Now here we are many years down the road, opening a boarding and grooming kennel. Over the years I’ve honed my skills as a groomer taking care of my furry friend’s long rich coat. Once my in-laws even paid to have my grooming kit shipped down south so I could help them get their two Golden Retrievers back on a good grooming track. A few times when we’ve traveled, we had to board Ole (our new OES) for a few days. They were very professional places, but no matter how nice they were, it felt like I was putting my poor dog in ‘puppy prison’. The white sterile walls, the cement floors, and the chain link fence.

                We own and run Spiral Light Candle in Hillsboro North Dakota. Now we have a little girl who loves dogs as much as I do and we are setting up our family farm to start homesteading. As soon as we decided to start this kennel, we knew we wanted it to fit with the rest of our little homestead. No sterile white walls, the kennel is in our newly refitted hundred year old barn right next to the fenced in farmyard and garden. Instead of a cement floor, the kennels have a floor liner that will be easy to clean and easy on their feet and this is where we live, not just where we work, so you can be sure that your dog will have plenty of interaction with us and lots of room to run around in.


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